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Could you give yourself a flying start?

Are you soon going to start an advanced project, or have you gotten stuck in a project you've been working on for...


Leading Turkish Operator joins our Global O&M Wind Hub

European Renewable Operator Mirova joins our Global O&M Wind Hub

O2O WIND Owner's Dinner - In relation to WindEurope in Copenhagen - 25 Apr

Will you visit WindEurope's annual event in Copenhagen?

wind asset owners

Gathering WTG owners all across Europe!

Thanks to RWE, Engie & Ørsted who woke me up from my Corona slumber. They had us organise our first physical...

The # 1 Renewable Operator in Argentina joins our Global O&M Wind Hub

O2O WIND now speaks Spanish

The site managers are those who benefit the most from our collaboration. At the same time, we have members based...


Multi-collaborative offshore player joins our Global O&M Wind Hub

Europe’s largest renewable energy producer is joining O2O WIND

Vasa Vind adds value to our global collaboration

The third-largest producer of CO2-free electricity in Europe - joining their peers at O2O WIND International

The biggest wind asset owner in New Zeeland has joined their peers on a global scale

Today we gathered 11 energy companies owning closer to 1200 units of the Gamesa 2 MW turbines.


7 players with 66 GW of wind - discussing failures on bigger blades

Fully booked roundtable session - failures on bigger blades. Seven companies, owning among themselves 66 GW of...

rotor blades

Tomorrow we gather our 12 member companies who among themselves operate 579 Siemens DD turbines

Please find the video below describing what we do in 35 seconds:

collaboration among wind asset owners

Get your own map of what to look out for in Siemens DD operations

Together with Siemens DD owners around the world, we first mapped their operational concerns.

The Who, Why and What for all our turbine-specific user groups

wind turbine

Failures on bigger rotor blades – join roundtable discussion - EXCLUSIVE FOR WIND ASSET OWNERS - 28th of June

One member of ours operating +10 GW of wind and another member operating + 5 GW, wants us to gather wind asset...


Mapping Siemens DD Operational Challenges

Among the energy companies in our Siemens DD user group, there is a lot of concerns for what might hit them, even...

Powerica - The first wind asset owner from India to join O2O WIND

Community Windpower joins global wind operations hub

Report from the Vestas V112-V136 Owner's Meeting held yesterday

The V112-V136 Owner’s Meeting held yesterday was very interesting especially for those who wants to become more...

The engagement for the Vestas 3MW MK2 Owner’s Meeting is extraordinary.

I have received more than 20 well-written and detailed challenges in relation to operate the Vestas V112, V117 and...

Monitoring on low-speed components lubricated with grease - 18th of June 2020

The wind industry is totally missing out on monitoring low-speed components lubricated with grease.

Improved conditions for Nordex owners

We are improving conditions for the 17 energy companies within our Nordex user group.

Member Report - Nov 2019


Member Report July 2019

Booked for the Senvion meeting: 40 peers from 22 energy companies in 13 countries on four continents

The owners of Senvion wind turbines are concerned about the insolvency proceedings and have shown a big interest...


Owners meeting – in relation to Senvion's insolvency - 16 of Sep

Monday, September 16, 2019. BST – London, Dublin: 12-2 pm, CEST – Stockholm, Hamburg, Madrid: 1-3 pm, AEST –...