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"Our main reasons for entering into the O2O network is, first of all, to share experience from operation and learn from other operators. Compared to other industries, wind still has some teething issues that are difficult to change when we operate in isolation. We see the need to move maintenance of wind assets in a direction of condition based and less time-based. We experience that the OEMs show little interest in contributing to realising a lower cost of electricity." Read more quotes

Sverre Trollnes, Head of Operations Statoil ASA


"We believe strongly in the development of the wind power sector and the need to improve and industrialise it. This can only be done fast enough if the industry collaborates and makes use of the experience already existing at every given moment. The O2O Wind engagement is one powerful attempt to make sure collaboration is accessible to more people than only those visiting conferences etc. and therefore stimulate improvement where things are happening." Read more quotes

Martin Reinholdsson, Director General Vattenfall Renewables Vattenfall


"Presently our main challenges is to extend the scope of predictive analytics in Wind industry at the same level as developed in other technologies, i.e. not only aimed to prevent failures but mainly to reduce maintenance activities of turbines by increasing life of single components. We are here to share operational experiences, form networks and contribute to other member’s issues." Read more quotes

Luigi La pegna – Head of Global Operations And Maintenance Enel Green Power