About the Gamesa 2 MW user group


With whom will you collaborate and why?

The 15 wind asset owners listed below collaborate in operating their Gamesa 2 MW wind turbines. Among themselves, they own 1779 Gamesa 2MW turbines, including the following models G80, G90, G97 and the G114
Gamesa 2 MW 19 Dec
Within the Gamesa 2 MW user group, we share current Gamesa 2MW challenges and experiences of various suppliers, alternative suppliers, spare parts, and new and alternative solutions for operating, maintaining and increasing power output from these turbines.
Their reason for doing so is to improve their Gamesa 2 MW operations and to become more profitable.



What are we solving?

We focus exclusively on real and current problems experienced among Gamesa 2 MW owners. 



Our Collaboration Formula


Our Gamesa 2 MW collaboration formula, presented in four steps:

Step # 1: Before the meeting

Step # 2: At the meeting

Step # 3: After the meeting

Step # 4: More input included




When is the next Gamesa 2 MW Owner's Meeting?

We arrange our Gamesa 2 MW Owner's Meetings on a quarterly basis. To see when we arrange the next gathering of Gamesa 2MW owners - please click here.


Schedule an on-demand meeting

To schedule a Gamesa meeting on-demand, please suggest a date and time on this link.  



View evaluations from 50 energy companies

Share your email below and you will have the complete summary of all evaluations of our turbine-specific activities throughout 2020 and 2021 sent to your mailbox. We can only share this with other wind turbine owners. Therefore we have created a little set-up that enables access only for wind turbine owners.



What makes us unique - Our 4 Differentiators


Differentiator #1: Selected ingredients - the ones being closest to the machine

In our user groups, we are adding the ones being closest to the turbines. That means those who 1) knows the machine best, 2) are most valuable for the user group and 3) will gain most from the user group.


Differentiator #2: Fresch ingredients - insights to be consumed directly or when you need it

Within our collaboration, we have shared experiences and insights since 2014. With our app, we can provide you with well-structured knowledge, powerful search functionality and fast communication.


Differentiator #3: Cooked in the biggest pot - giving you a global reach

With O2O WIND you will have a global reach including +50 energy companies from +30 countries on all continents.


Differentiator #4: Keep the pot simmering, all the time - we do nothing else

All our cash flow comes only from wind asset owners. We have no other sponsors which leave us with one single task: To keep the pot simmering all the time.



The End Goal: A common platform of Gamesa 2MW Best Practise

The End Goal of doing all these activities is to create and develop an additional source for your company to improve Gamesa 2MW operations - a common platform of Gamesa 2MW Best Practice!


How to join?

Your company tells O2O WIND which users that you want to have onboard. O2O WIND will then take over and enrol each and every one of these persons in our automated onboarding process, supported with video tutorials for each step.

Each user will then come out on the other side, surrounded by peers from the whole world operating the same turbine models.



Pricing, terms and conditions

You can either become a regular member or buy access to certain turbine-specific user groups
Option 1 - Regular Member
As a regular member, you can add an unlimited number of users and your company can access an unlimited amount of user groups. Pricing for becoming a regular member is MW-based. Search for the word "Pricing" at the lower end of this page.


Option 2 - Single User Group Account
With this option, you can add an unlimited number of users to one specific user group. The annual fee for a Single User Group Account for the Gamesa 2MW user group is 4.980 Euro/5500 USD.


Speak directly to the persons who pulled this together

With consent from our members we are allowed to view the actual collaboration, under the following three conditions:

  1. O2O WIND staff will guide during the live viewing but the guest will not be allowed access to the platform on their own.
  2. The guest will not tell third party what was viewed on the platform. The most simple version of an NDA is applied.
  3. It can only be shown to wind turbine owners. 

If these conditions are valid for your company, please find a suitable time below: