Please find the most frequently asked questions and tutorials on various actions below. At the end of this page, you find our support. For several guides, we are showing direct discussions among our members. For landing pages where owner-2-owner discussions are viewed you need a password. These pages always include a link to our app where these passwords are found. 

How to onboard the app

How to enable notifications?

How to access and use the Management Dashboard?

My Pages - you manage to which user groups you want to be connected and how

How to access our library

Overview of all challenges being developed on the app

How to Search the App on mobile and desktop?

The difference between joining a discussion or starting a new one

How to write to give your post more impact – make text bold, numbered lists, include links etc

How to write to a challenge to have more valuable information coming my way?

How do I search for members who have experience with certain turbine models or site conditions?

How do I search for members who have knowledge of certain components and O&M skills?

How to make the O2O WIND app speak Spanish, Turkish, French, Portuguese, German or Japanese?

O2O Support


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