Tutorial #5 - Learn to Write to Improve Readability

Our collaboration app is built in a Mobile First format. Therefore it has some compromises and specific rules to enable you to have all commandos accessible. In the beginning it is a little complicated. The top ten world leaders of collaboration apps all have the same system so most likely its proven to be an efficient set-up. Learn it and feel younger.

All new discussions should start with a header - how is that done? You wish to add a bulleted or numbered list in your post - how is that done? Wish to write with some blank lines to create more air and improve readability?

This is explained below:


Create more air in your post

By holding down Shift and clicking Enter your marker jumps down to the next row without sending your post. This allows you to write more readable posts.

Create a headline for your post

Want your post to be more visible? Write the first row as a header. Simply write "### Your header". All posts from our previous forum has been given these headers.


Create bullet and numbered lists

To write a bullet list simply write "* your text", jump to the next row with Shift + Enter. Without Shift it will directly be sent. For numbered lists, write: "1. your text" and then the Shift + Enter trick to go to the next row "2. your text" etc. 

Editing or deleting a post

Did you accidentally send away a message. No worries. It can be edited. On mobile: hold down your thumb on the post and a menu will appear & on desktop: click the post's hamburger menu. Delete is an option on both menus.


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