The onboarding process


Before you start - If you previously had an account at O2O WIND with an email you can can no longer access - please click here.

On the video above we go through the entire onboarding process, from creating a new account and then the onboarding that is done once you have registered your account. 

As you can see in the video the first thing you need to do is to create an account. To do so - please click here.

In the process of creating an account you will receive a confirmation email. From that email you can choose to do the onboarding in a browser on your computer or to download our app and do the onboarding on the app.

If you do the onboarding in a browser at your computer, you could still scan the QR code below and you will have the app in your mobile.



Onboard in a browser click this link or scan QR-code:




To download the Android app, click this link or scan QR-code:

Android este



To download the iPhone app, click here or scan QR code: