The onboarding process

To get on board, you need to follow these precise steps:

  1) Open this link in your web browser:

  2) Use the email address you registered with - any other address will be rejected,
     since you have been approved for that address only.

   3) Choose a username and password (keep it safe!),

   4) You will receive a confirmation email. From that email you can choose to do the onboarding in a browser on your computer or to download our app and do the onboarding on the app.

If you do the onboarding in a browser at your computer, you could still scan the QR code below and you will have the app in your mobile.

  5) Fill the onboarding questionnaire,

  6) Done!


Onboard in a browser click this link or scan QR-code:




To download the Android app, click this link or scan QR-code:



To download the iPhone app, click here or scan QR code: