25 WTG owners on energy yield 


With inspirations from our members, we launched a webinar called: Increase power output. 

25 energy companies from 12 countries and four continents have given their input on the questions for how to increase power output.

At our webinars, it's mandatory to share your top challenge on the given topic. So the survey is then built on challenges held by your peers and it's them who have posted them. We have then turned this into an anonymous survey and also invited more turbine owners to share their input on the survey - all and all input from 25 wind turbine owners. To view their input please complete the form below.

On top of this we asked Christopher Gray at Uptime Engineering, to dress the below four questions with all the options he could come up with and then we have had the owners to rank the following:

  • Most common issues that affect performance
  • Most promising options that an owner can choose to increase power output (22 options)
  • Various options to evaluate the increase in yield of an upgrade
  • How could an owner continuously monitor turbine performance 

So, great information for the wind turbine owner who wants to stay on top of how to optimize energy yield.

The material is provided “as is”, and O2OWind International assumes no responsibility whatsoever for its use or correctness. For obvious reasons, we can only share this in an anonymous version.


If you wish to connect your O&M team with their peers at O2O WIND please arrange for an introduction. After I have understood that your company fullfills the conditions set by our members to be a part of their collaboration, I will first present the business logic behind O2O WIND and how it came into making. Thereafter we will login at the actual plattform so that you can see the actual collaboration going on with your own eyes.