Community Windpower joins global wind operations hub


Community Windpower took the decision to strengthen their wind farm operations by connect with their operation-peers at O2O WIND for first-hand knowledge, informed decisions and better results

Robb Lynch, Operations Manager at Community Windpower explains their O&M Strategy and objectives for O2O WIND as follows:  


Our O&M Strategy

As an established onshore owner operator of several windfarms, we seek to maintain the longevity of our assets whilst controlling our cost base and establish firm proactive service and maintenance strategies from our OEM's to maximize availability. We endeavour as an organization to develop new and inventive solutions and strategies to the challenges the industry faces and are comfortable to experiment with new technologies as they arise and build solid partnerships with our service suppliers.


Our objective for o2owind International

We would like to engage with other windfarm owners and operators to share success's and concerns surrounding our assets. We seek to build a trust base and share experiences and hopefully explore potential solutions from around the wider community to make informed decisions as we continue to maintain and grow our portfolio.


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