The # 1 Renewable Operator in Argentina joins our Global O&M Wind Hub

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The # one renewable player in Argentina strengthen its position.

Argentina is a booming wind energy country and through fierce auctions, it was Genneia who came out on top and is today the biggest renewable asset owner in Argentina.

Very efficient development and they are just celebrating their 10 years anniversary:

GE.10años.Fondo 2 

Alejandro Piombo, Head of Operations at Genneia S.A. explains their O&M Strategy and objectives for O2O WIND as follows:

Our O&M Strategy

"At Genneia we develop, build, market and operate high-efficiency systems with reduced environmental impact to generate the reliable and sustainable energy that the world needs to keep moving.
With several assets distributed throughout the country, Genneia is the leader in renewable generation in Argentina.
Our focus and effort is to guarantee the useful life and availability of assets. For this we use practical and agile solutions, in addition to an exhaustive monitoring and control of the facilities and service providers"

Our objective for o2owind International

"We would like to engage with other windfarm owners and operators to share successes and concerns surrounding our assets"


This is great news for our current members and we can tell them that their investment in O2O WIND just went up in value.

To learn more about Genneia, please click here.