Vasa Vind adds value to our global collaboration


Vasa Vind is adding their knowledge and experiences to our global WIND O&M hub.  

Henrik Svahn, Head of operations at Vasa Vind explains their O&M Strategy and objectives for O2O WIND as follows:

Our O&M Strategy

"Vasa Vind have long term service agreements with availability guarantees with OEMs. However, we see a great advantage in being locally active ourselves. We therefore have employees at all our sites who are responsible for coordination of works, but also making it possible to follow the work that is being done.

We strive to use local entrepreneurs as much as possible. We have established good relationships which improves the outcome, but also increases the acceptance of wind power locally"

Our objective for o2owind International

"By collaborating with other peers, we hope to improve our operation. Sharing experiences and good examples will improve production but also strengthen our work with HSE-matters"


This is great news for our current members and we can tell them that their investment in O2O WIND just went up in value.

To learn more about Vasa Vind, please click here.