How does O2O WIND work?

The basic idea is for wind asset owners to share knowledge and experience within O&M to build a platform of best...

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Kennedy Renewables O&M strategy and ambition for O2O WIND

We are happy to announce that Kennedy Renwables from UK have decided to join O2O WIND.



Words by Jordi Francesch Head of Asset Management at Glennmont Partners.


OGE Energy Corp's O&M strategy and objectives for O2O Wind

Words by Josh Fausset - Manager Renewable Energy

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Wind Park Takeover Checklist

Wind Park Takeover Checklist Thats the name of our latest Wiki. Root-Wiki produced by one of our moderators who...

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Arctic wind joins O2O

Arctic Wind with the world’s northernmost wind farm has also taken the decision to come on board. Instead of their...


Fortech About Joining O2O WIND.

Words By Kris Aper

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Gas Natural fenosa's own word about founding O2O WIND

Javier de los Ríos at Gas Natural Fenosa for why they founded O2O WIND

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Skellefteå kraft's thoughts on joining our collaboration

Jörgen Svensson, Business Unit Manager Wind at Skellefteå Kraft describes their objectives for founding O2O WIND...

Wind collaboration

Belgium's second biggest electricity producer EDF Luminus Thoughts

Wouter Holbrecht, Manager Wind at EDF Luminus describes their objectives for founding O2O WIND International with...

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Vattenfall's reason to found O2O WIND

Martin Reinholdsson, Director General Vattenfall has the following reason to found O2O WIND Our O&M Strategy...


RWE's thoughts about founding O2O WIND.

Alan Henderson, Head of Technical Asset Management at RWE Innogy gives their reason for founding O2O WIND:

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Swedish Arise joins to collaborate with other owners.

In May 2015 we were delighted to be joined by Arise. Liane Persson, Operation Manager at Arise has the following...

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Acciona Energia about founding O2O WIND.

Cristobal Couret, Director Producción Eólica at Acciona Energia describes their objectives for founding O2O WIND...