OGE Energy Corp's O&M strategy and objectives for O2O Wind

Words by Josh Fausset - Manager Renewable Energy

Our O&M Strategy

Our strategy as an owner-operator is to maintain our units to beyond the OEM-promised life span or 20 years.  We aim to be best-in class for safety and operational performance.  We aim to balance those strategies with lowering costs of wind power for our customers throughout the state of Oklahoma and better represent the cost proposition and value of wind power to the rest of the world.


Our objective for o2owind International

Our ambition with O2O WIND OG&E aims to partner with other owners in our pursuit of operational excellence by collaborating when we or the other members with similar challenges need answers to resolve them.  We want to be contributors where we can, but we recognize the opportunity to learn from such a broad base of users with experience in our common turbine technologies.



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