RWE's thoughts about founding O2O WIND.

Alan Henderson, Head of Technical Asset Management at RWE Innogy gives their reason for founding O2O WIND:

Our O&M Strategy

RWE Innogy is an active Owner that seeks to make informed decisions and apply best practices in the management of our assets: we make every effort to understand the technical condition of the plant and optimise the maintenance service and operational setup. We aim to maximise the value generated by the assets, whilst maintaining the highest standards of safety, and strive for continual improvement through sharing of lessons learned across the fleet.

Our objective for o2owind International

The owners’ platform offers a unique opportunity to gain insight into wind operations for improved decision-making. It is independent from OEMs, and once trust is built among the partners, and an honest and open communication level is reached in the platform, we will avoid any information biases that have slowed down our processes in the past. We, as asset owners, need to take steps towards full responsibility on actions, to ensure the long-term preservation of our wind turbines.



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