Global turbine-specific owner-2-owner communication

On Monday to Tuesday, next week, we are gathering the persons who are top responsible for their company's wind...


How to Maximize Value from the Raw Materials of Renewables & IoT

Looking closer at how to extract value out of the raw materials of renewables and how to extract value out of the...


Inside the head of the "Heads of Operations"

The Heads of Operations at O2O WIND operate 20 % of all the wind turbines in the world. Wouldnt be of great value...


Europe's first Owners Roundtable for Wind turbine owners.

We are proud to be the first organiser of the Owners Roundtable for wind turbine owners in Europe. We have...


Aspiravi decides to join O2O Wind International

The responsible person for Aspiravi's involvement with O2O WIND is Hans Verbeke, operations engineer.


# 1 wind asset owner in Jamaica joins O2O Wind

The responsible person for Wigton Windfarm LTD's involvement with O2O WIND is Rohan Hay, operations manager.


Kennedy Renewables O&M strategy and ambition for O2O WIND

We are happy to announce that Kennedy Renwables from UK have decided to join O2O WIND.