The Gearbox, Drivetrain & Oil User Group - is LIVE




Today we gathered gearbox, drivetrain and oil experts directly employed by energy companies owning wind farms. Our discussions for how to handle gearbox, drivetrain and oil issues in wind farm operations was divided in three categories:

Category 1: Oil, oil analysis, particle counters and filter analyses

Category 2: CMS, SCADA data, systems to monitor drivetrain and methods to determine conditions

Category 3: Gearboxes, failure rates main components and root cause analyses

During our meeting we decided what to share in each and one of these categories.In short we will be sharing our experiences on various suppliers, troubleshooting procedures, components, root cause analysis etc. My note book and head is full and once coming back home this will be structured and prepared so that it will be easy and simple for our dear users to start sharing

Energy companies who have so far connected their gearbox, drivetrain and oil experts are these: BKW (Germany), Brookfield, (Ireland), CEZ Group, (Romania), Enel Green Power, (Spain), Energia Renewables, (Ireland), Equinor, (United Kingdom), Fred. Olsen Renewables, (United Kingdom), Glennmont Partners, (United Kingdom), HOFOR, (Denmark), Innogy, (Germany), IWB, (Switzerland), Meridian Energy, (New Zeeland), Skellefteå Kraft, (Sweden), Stena Renewable, (Sweden). Vattenfall, (Germany), Vattenfall, (Sweden), Ventient Energy, (United Kingdom) and Wigton Windfarm Ltd, (Jamaica).

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