The Bearing Guy and Mr Wind Power (based on a true story):

One guy employed by a bearing manufacturer and one of the most knowledgeable guys in the world on wind turbine gearboxes, called ” Mr Wind Power” in Denmark (!) and I - had a meeting to prepare a webinar.  


At the end of the meeting, MR Wind Power asked: ”What is the latest and most advanced project your company is currently developing?” The bearing guy showed him something they call the reliability dashboard and Mr Wind Power said that this was completely new to him and he was very impressed with the reliability statistics they have managed to produce.


I myself can't explain why this should be special, but if Mr Wind Power is impressed, it is 1) very unusual and 2) it must be assumed that what the bearing guy showed was special.


However, I had one question to the bearing guy: "From how many turbines have you gathered data to produce these statistics?". The bearing guy’s response was: "200".


Now, this bearing manufacturer has its bearings in thousands and thousands of turbines. I asked the bearing guy why they had so few turbines in this reliability project. The bearing guy told me, somehow low-key, that it had been difficult to coordinate owners in sharing data.


The moral of this story: the owners lack a well-established data sharing hub. With such a hub we could produce value from this model developed by this bearing manufacturer.


Additional moral: This bearing manufacturer is only one of many advanced and global supplier who could generate value for the owners.


That's all the stories you will have for today.