Senvion owners from 8 countries are preparing for possible insolvency

Our members own, among themselves, more than 10 % of the global Senvion fleet.


They have concerns on the insolvency proceedings. Currently energy companies from Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, USA, Belgium, Italy, Spain and France are sharing experiences and recommendations on SCADA access/support, spare parts availability, historical SCADA records, alternative Service procurement strategies, ISPs able to service Senvion turbines, possibilities to claim full backup in case of the Senvion Online portal will close down, access to the scada/controller to monitor/start/stop/restart and change parameters, possibilities to terminate service contracts, access SCADA through ISP's own controllers etc, etc.


In short they are concerned and keep each other updated on the latest events on a daily basis.


If you wish to be included and connect to the other Senvion owners in our Senvion MM user group please call me at +46-760 21 71 77, send an email to: marten@o2owind.com, connect for a meeting at this link or learn more here.


Please note that only wind turbine owners - not affiliated to any OEMs - can join O2O WIND International.

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