Owner insights on Gearbox & Drivetrain, spreads globally

We have just produced a report with input from 85 wind turbine owner employees, working for 47 different energy companies in 27 countries on 6 different continents. Based on real gearbox and drivetrain issues that owners need to solve with input for how to solve this issues from 47 energy companies, owning wind farms.


We published it last week at LinkedIn and it was picked up and published by Paul Dvorak, editor at Windpower Engineering & Development – find it here.


Furthermore it was shared by Thomas Stalin, Senior Wind Technology Expert at Vattenfall Wind Power AB where he wrote: ”This is a very good report or survey on how operators deal with Gearboxes, Oil, Filtration and CMS. It shows the thinking and the present knowledge among wind turbine owners. It Points obviously in different direction but gives insights for me as an operator that I Think no other study have given me. I recommend Reading it” – find it here