November webinar: How to monitor and follow up OEMs on Service, Production and Availability

O2O WIND has a tradition to organise a webinar held on the first Thursday of each month. For November we will look closer on how to monitor and follow up OEMs on Service, Production and Availability.

When writing this we already have WTG owners from Uruguay, Brazil, Norway, Spain, Ireland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Poland, The Netherlands, Sweden and India – booked for this webinar.

Our monthly meetings & how this includes you
Our approach is that wind turbine owners are not competitors within wind farm operations and can therefore share knowledge and experiences within wind farm operations.

Our digital collaboration forum is closed but the webinars are held outside the platform and are not closed. Furthermore our current members can only see advantages to invite other owners which will just bring more experiences to benefit all.

Therefore other wind asset owners are also invited. Please note that we do not want to charge you but we want you to be active and share knowledge and experiences in discussions.

The webinar is held on the 3rd of November next week and is held on the following times
 5-6 pm for UCT +2 Finland, Balticum, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Turkey
 4-5 pm for UCT +1 Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, South Africa
 3-4 pm for UCT UK, Ireland, Portugal
 11-12 for UCT -4 Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil
 10-11 am for UCT -5 Ontario, Quebec, US East coast, Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Venezuela, Bolivia
 9-10 am for UCT -6 Texas, Alabama, Tennesse, Illinnois, Wiisconsin, Minnesota, Winnipeg (CAN), North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru
 8-9 am for UCT -7 Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho
 7-8 for UCT -8 California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington. (Yes that’s rather early but you will have an efficient start)

Register on this link:


Please note that only wind turbine owners can join.

Agenda written by the O2O WIND moderator, Kelly Dallas:
The development of Wind Farms or parks comes with an industry business model where the buyer purchases the assets and develops the whole project. Once built, the buyer usually subcontracts the operation and maintenance to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The OEM has all the detailed technical knowledge around the design and operation of the assets and so is contracted to maintain key performance measures such as plant availability thereby meeting the owner’s business case to produce power into the electricity market. The equipment design can facilitate the OEM’s claims to meeting or exceeding recorded contractual targets or obligation.
The developer during financing of a wind farm project will consider the projected future revenues from the wind farm; this is built up around the core assumptions around key O&M contractual metrics. When production levels are found to be below the original investment case, the developer generally acts to increase monitoring the performance of the assets and the OEM. At this point a discovery is made that there is an asymmetric knowledge of how the equipment operates, this knowledge difference between the buyer and OEM places the buyer at a disadvantage. Now to maximize the revenue the buyer hires in external consultants to evaluate and benchmark the performance of the wind farm against similar wind parks. Next the buyer is then advised to either pay for annual reviews from an external consultant or to hire staff to monitor the wind farm.

Areas we would like to include in discussions:
 How to follow up with Turbine Manufacturers – with which frequency and on which KPIs?
 Understanding the error codes and how these tie into the availability calculations
 Production performance – power curves, equipment analysis, meeting and sharing the finding of these analysis reports
 Production, relative Turbine to Turbine checks vs Lidar
 Which cost structure and key figures for cost – is a good bench mark?

No travel costs, No sales pitches and only genuine wind turbine owner peers to be found!

Please contact me if you will have any issues to register or if you have any other considerations.

Mårten Nilsson
+46 76 021 71 77



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