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How we collaborate on our wind farm take-over checklist

Successful management of a wind farm is ensuring that the risks are mitigated and managed.  To that obtaining all legal and commercial agreements, side letters and technical documentation are in place and up to date goes a long way to manage and minimise the risks.  Come discover how at O2O wind owner collaborate to ensure that they share.

The takeover or handover of a project from the construction phase is a key milestone in the project, it however is a time where information can be lost or taken away in error rather than being handed over the Ops team.  Therefore, ensuring that the Ops team have the met with the development / construction team and have full access to all the required documents, records always provides a firmer basis on which the Ops team can proceed.   At this to ensure that both parties are prepared correctly a checklist is used whereby each side works through to ensure a thorough handover and the basis for long term management.

The same checklist can be used when ownership transfers between companies or in the case of where an asset management company takes over the operations on behalf of the owner.

The checklist is guides the parties through the financial or commercial aspects, the legal aspects and lastly the technical aspects.  If you wish a sample of the first draft of our Wind Park Take Over Checklist to get a better idea for what it is we are developing, please fill in your email address in the pop-up and click submit.

Text to give credit to Kelly Dallas


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