At O2OWind, we offer several types of events that are open to all, not just our members. where both our members and non-members meet and discuss challenges within certain topics.

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Siemens 2.3 Owner’s Meeting - 27 Jan 2022

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Siemens 2.3 User Group

On the 27th of January, we are gathering 13 of our member companies, owning among themselves, 840 Siemens 2.3 turbines - to share experiences and insights from operating these Siemens machines.

Please note, you don't need to register as an individual on this page. All members in the Siemens 2.3 user group will be sent separate meeting invitations. If you are a member but not included in this user group but want to be - please click here.


Our Collaboration Formula - in 4 steps:

Step # 1: Before the meeting

Step # 2: At the meeting


Step # 3: After the meeting

Step # 4: More input included


Read the evaluations from your peers

Share your email below and you will have complete summary of all evaluations from Owner’s Meetings, arranged throughout 2020 sent to you. This evaluation is just shared with other wind turbine owners.


When the meeting starts in your timezone

27th of Jan 2022. Duration: 1,5 hours. Starts at: BST – London, Dublin at 9 am; CEST – Copenhagen, Hamburg, Madrid at 10 am; EEST - Helsinki, Kyiv, Istanbul at 11 am; IST - New Delhi at noon; AWST – Perth at 4 pm; AEDT - Sydney, Melbourne 6 pm; NZST - Wellington, Christchurch at 8 pm


Share your Current top 3 Siemens 2.3 Challenges

Please note that the deadline for submitting challenges is the 20th of January. 

  • At every meeting, someone always has an idea or a suggestion for a supplier. We agree that these should be posted on the app once the member has posted his/her challenge on the app. Normally this is forgotten.
  • When you submit the form below your top three Siemens 2.3 challenges will be posted directly on the O2O WIND app, in the Siemens 2.3 channel, with the headline, body text and attachments.
  • We will then have all the challenges posted on the app before the meeting starts.
  • At our Zoom meeting, we will view the app on the shared screen. Then when someone has an idea or a suggestion they can share that directly on the app underneath that challenge during discussions. It will not be lost. 
  • Our recommendation is then that you please do not send your challenges in a word document nor in a PowerPoint and nor in a regular email. Please use the form below.  

Please share your current top three Siemens 2.3 challenges: