Your little library of owner-to-owner webinars


As an O2O WIND member, you will have access to all upcoming webinars and you will also have access to all webinars, implemented in the past. At our webinars, we have, on average, 30-60 of your peers from 20-35 different companies from 15-22 countries.

On our platform, you can access all webinars (recorded), with documentation, a list of participants and a list of challenges posted on forehand by participants. In some cases, we have turned our participant challenges into a survey that has been sent out and the summary of this survey is then also found in attachments or as a link.

This is a brilliant way to have an introduction to various topics.


Your little library of owner-to-owner webinars:

Below you find the list of webinars you can access today. Each webinar is linked so our members can quickly get to the one they like to view.

Topic:  Gearbox Oil - Introducing the topic: Thomas Stalin, Senior Wind Technology Expert at Vattenfall, Rémi Stein, Senior Machinery Expert at ENGIE and Kris Aper, Head of Operations at Fortech

Topic:  How to Monitor and Follow up OEM's on Service Production & Availability - Introducing the topic: Sergey Borovik, Deputy Director at D.TEK

A spin-off from the above Webinar: Practical guide to building a balance scorecard to monitor OEMs on Service Production & Availability. Excel template available to download.

Topic:  Wind turbine owners' experiences from applying CMS - Introducing the topic: Richard Wasell, Operations Manager i Finnmark Kraft AS

Topic:  How good is your pitch? - Introducing the topic: Erwann Euzenat, Head of Operations at Kallista Energy

Topic:  ICE - Introducing the topic: Henrik Renberg, Development Engineer at Skellefteå Kraft

Topic:  LIDAR Campaigns - Introducing the topic: John Matthew, VP Asset Management Renewables at Allianz Capital Partners

Topic:  Lifetime Extension - Introducing the topic: Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Holzmüller, 8.2 Ingenieurbüro Holzmüller / Aurich

Topic:  Big Data & Predictive Analysis - Introducing the topic: Nenad Keseric, Plant Manager/ O&M Digitalization Lead at Equinor

Topic:  Increase Power Output - Introducing the topic: Christopher Gray, Managing Partner at Uptime Engineering GmbH

Topic:  Digitalization of O&M workflows - Introducing the topic: Thomas Pump, Head of Asset Information Systems at E.ON

Topic:  Gearbox & Drivetrain - Introducing the topic: Strange Skriver, Technical Chief Consultant at Danmarks Vindmølleforening

Topic:  How to operate Older Wind Farms - Introducing the topic: Ingmar Bürger, General Manager at BKW Erneuerbare Energien GmbH

Topic:  Lightning - Protection, Repair & Claims - Introducing the topic: Kim Bertelsen, CEO and co-founder at Global Lightning Protection Services A/S and Matthew Malkin, Principal Engineer at DNV GL

Topic: Owner's view on how to apply CMS in wind farm operations - Thanks to Fabrice Drommi at SKF and Oguz Can Yurteri at Borusan EnBW Enerji for presenting cases and thanks to Lars Berger at Vattenfall, Rémi Stein at ENGIE, Feichin McCormack at Energia, Dragos Sopoglu at CEZ and Nikolaos Anagnostou at Glennmont Partners for being very active. Please note to access this webinar you need to be connected to the Gearbox, Drivetrain and Oil user group.

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