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Acciona Owner's Meeting - 2 Nov 2023

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On the 2nd of Nov, we are gathering the 4 members of ours who owns, among themselves more than 1000 Acciona turbines - to share experiences and insights from operating these Acciona machines.



Our Gamesa Collaboration Formula - in 4 steps:

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When the Acciona Owner's Meeting starts in your timezone

2nd of Nov 2022. Duration: 1.5 hours. Starts at: CEST – Stockholm, Hamburg, Madrid at 3 pm; BST – London, Dublin at 2 pm; GMT-3 - Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro at 11 pm; CDT - Houston, Chicago at 9 am; EDT - South Carolina 10 am.


Share your Current top 3 Acciona Challenges

Please note that the deadline for submitting challenges is the 24th of October.

Read the evaluations from your peers

The response from our members for our Owner's Meeting is very very positive. Share your email below and we will send you the complete summary of all evaluations from Owner’s Meetings, arranged throughout 2020 and 2021. In this version, you will have the name and the company next to each quote.

  • "Very interesting to see that other sites have similar issues. And also interesting to hear the other bits and pieces of the problems"
  • "Very knowledgeable attendees and real value in sharing our experiences in a forum like this, great to also have the app facility where we can communicate between the regular forums"
  • "As the meeting developed, the discussions got better and better as members opened up and had proper discussions about faults and issues they’ve experienced"
  • "A really valuable meeting, with very knowledgeable attendees and has really helped us as a business to shape some of our O&M strategies"
  • "Amazing, just have people with the same concerns. Super interesting discussion, very open"
  • "Not only Owner 2 Owner but Improvement 4 Professionals!"
  • “Very useful and spot on With the topics. Owners of Enercon turbines need to share knowledge to be able to create cost-effective Wind-turbines through all the lifetime”
  • “Excellent dialogue across a wide range of various topics. Information flowed easily on the various technical challenges been faced by operators.”
  • “It was interesting to see how much information is exchanged. Much learned in limited time. Very interesting to see how experiences are shared, and solutions are sought together”
  • “Contribution from experienced participants in a structured discussion helps in knowledge sharing to create an optimised solution”
  • “Very motivating having the opportunity to get in live discussion with owners around the world and exchanging, thoughts, experience, issues, ideas and solutions. Quite encouraging to understand that you are not alone in your issues with the OEMs and that over there someone could help you to understand and find your solution. Particularly from this meeting I took a note on the importance of the backup power for yawing during no grid conditions and will take that to the OEM also for the new projects”
  • “I think it is very good and useful”
  • “Feels like you're not alone”
  • “This is a good forum to get independent views from other owner/operators”
  • “It was for me a very valuable and interesting meeting with an open view on issues and how this was/can be solved by all participants”
  • “Global exchange of ideas and experiences. The more owners we get, the better our O&M operations will become through the knowledge exchange.”
  • “I think it is a good platform to assist one another and share ideas”
  • “Its a good meeting with the right intention but to get more out of it we need to get prepared for the topics in advance. Some hour is not enough i believe.”
  • “Very good engagements. Information that comes out is always applicable and important. Sharing of alarms between the various plant operators will be very helpful going forward.”
  • “Most fruitful meeting so far, very happy with the outcomes”

Our system secures that this is only shared with other wind turbine owners. If your attempt fails we will be notified and then investigate if your company is an owner of wind turbines and if this can be shared or not.