To give you a better understanding of which kind of problems are being solved among V112-V136 owners

v112 3.0

Please find below generalized examples of challenges being developed among the members of our Vestas V112-V136 user group.

Please note, that we have anonymized these headlines and removed all detailed information.  

  • Significant increase of oil-level and hydraulic alarms
  • Systematic gearbox failures
  • Critical vulnerability when yaw system is not operational
  • Defective sensors on generator
  • Gurney Flaps
  • Turbine in operation but not producing power
  • Cold gearbox derate
  • Any operators experienced 2nd stage planetary tooth fractures
  • High temp on generator
  • Access to report and inspections during full-service agreement
  • Blade tear and wear
  • Starts and stops caused by protections system
  • Torque arm bushing failure
  • Hydraulic oil leak in hub
  • Worn LE on blades
  • Grid failure/power loss
  • V112 Gearboxes in wet sump
  • V136 Underperforming PC at the upper knee
  • High voltage cable tests on V112
  • CMS notification on the 1st & 2nd gearbox stages
  • The effectiveness of the performance curve tests
  • Converter Hardware Errors - Fault diagnostics and strategy
  • Debonding of blade shells of the V136 series
  • V136 lightning protection systems
  • Missing yaw power back up specifications
  • Cam Pulse Missing
  • Yaw Signals Invalid
  • Coolant Leaks
  • Toolkit (VOT) for self-maintenance activities
  • PPO - Power Performance Optimization?
  • Hydraulic oil leaks and turbine emergency stops
  • V112 Winergy gearbox failures
  • CMS on the 1st & 2nd gearbox stages
  • Gearbox bushing serial defect?
  • Yaw-Motor issues
  • Sweating hydraulic hoses in Hub
  • High metal particle counts in GBX oil, short after commissioning
  • Damage and repair of a blade after a lightning strike
  • Increase turbine performance
  • Long-term power deration by temperature
  • Yaw Gear Torque Limiter Checks
  • De-icing system loosening from blade