To give you a better understanding of which kind of problems are being solved among Senvion MM owners

Senvion MM User Group

Please find below generalized examples of challenges being developed among the members of our Senvion MM user group.

Please note, that we have anonymized these headlines and removed all detailed information.  

  • Pitch motor axis showing high currents and heating abnormally
  • Noise issues with the MM100 turbine
  • Grease pumps keep on greasing, permanently
  • Availability of blades
  • Convertor and pitch major drivers for downtime
  • Known mid-life crisis?
  • Software updates
  • MM92 blades sets
  • Main Bearing premature wear
  • Yaw noise
  • Gearbox cooling problems
  • Squeaking yaw brakes
  • Senvion PLC vs Open Source PLC
  • Converter Maintenance Approaches
  • Main Bearing reliability
  • Main Shaft repairs
  • Tower oscillations issues
  • Converter faults
  • Underperformance issues resolved with anemometer change
  • Defects on the battery voltage control unit on MM100 WTG
  • Yaw sound issue
  • The Senvion MM92 suffers from not restarting after grid problems
  • High temperature on the nacelle in the summer
  • Gearboxes suffer from water in oil
  • Pitch and converter faults
  • Major component changes
  • Servicing
  • Aerodynamic add-ons
  • Main bearing issues are still there.
  • Pitch box explosion
  • CSC3 Availability
  • Pitch Motor failures
  • Pitch Bearing Failures
  • Main Shaft Refurbishment supplier performance & capabilities
  • Uptower generator bearing replacements
  • Availability of Pitch System parts
  • Technical support for MOOG systems
  • Pitch current asymmetry
  • Understanding risks and trends with major component life
  • Ice detection