To give you a better understanding of which kind of problems are being solved among GE 2.X owners

GE 2

Please find below generalized examples of challenges being developed among the members of our GE 2.X user group.

Please note, that we have anonymized these headlines and removed all detailed information.  

  • Pitch Bearings - The Achilles heel of GE 2.X Turbine
  • Production losses in the 2.X GE
  • Power Cables Joints overheating along the tower
  • Pitch issues
  • Curtailment
  • Broken blade bearings
  • Cracks and blowholes in brake discs
  • Main bearing breakdown
  • Huge reliability issues with our pitch systems
  • Main Bearing Seals
  • Sudden generator failures
  • Water ingress to the hub
  • Blade angle asymmetry faults
  • Hoses
  • Pitch
  • Order and care
  • Early deterioration detection
  • Potential mitigation on the pitch and main bearings
  • Failing blade bearing seals
  • LM blades
  • Pitch asymmetry errors
  • Corrosion on ladders, doors and tower bolts
  • Hub spinner bolts sheared off
  • Blade bearing seals
  • Multiple pitch failures/errors/alarms and attributed downtime:
  • Pitch motor battery failures
  • Main shaft oil seals defective
  • Gearbox oil seals and oil filter seal defective
  • Winergy failures
  • Expensive SCADA updates
  • GE SCADA not accurate
  • Gearbox Dampers and rubber hoses are worn out
  • Main Shafts Bearings wear
  • Winergy Generator Failures
  • Blade bearing lubrication alarms
  • Difficulties setting up CMS System for generators