To give you a better understanding of which kind of problems are being solved among Enercon E66-E92 owners

Enercon E66-E92 User Group

Please find below generalized examples of challenges being developed among the members of our Enercon E66-E92 user group.

Please note, that we have anonymized these headlines and removed all detailed information.  

  • Possibility of procuring Pitch Bearings
  • Availability of slip ring
  • Pitch bearing greasing
  • Humidity in generator windings and possible upgrades
  • Blade issues E70 platform
  • Humidity Issues
  • Blade failure
  • Increase in Ultrasonic Faults
  • Can Foundation Repairs
  • Generator Heating Downtime
  • Broken bolts in spinner
  • Generator earth fault
  • Fault at IGBT's
  • Spoiler Bolt Retrofit
  • Enercon Blade Performance
  • Work instructions
  • Retrofit Controller
  • Slip rings from nacelle to hub
  • Enercon SCADA
  • Pitch Bearing Refurbishment
  • Humidity Issues
  • Communication issues with the SCADA
  • Pitch control issues
  • Service level in the Nordics
  • High temperature in generator windings
  • Bolts fastening the spoiler to the blades
  • Excessive generator heating durations
  • Capacitor charging error,
  • Feeding control bus error,
  • Major component issues?
  • Ongoing technical support and IP challenges with the OEM
  • Supply chain delays
  • SCADA upgrades
  • EPK-contract expires
  • Main rotor and blade bearing grease analysis results