To give you a better understanding for which kind of problems are being solved among Vestas V90 3MW owners


Please find below generalized examples of challenges being developed among the members of our Vestas V90 user group.

Please note, that we have anonymized these headlines and removed all detailed information.  

  • Hydraulic pump V90 3 MW
  • Renovation on Q8 Breakers on Vestas V90 3 MW
  • Gear oil exchange on the V90 offshore
  • System reboots on wtg after a software upgrade
  • Hydraulic faults on the wtgs with repeat failures in 6-12months
  • Blade lubrication error faults have seen a massive increase in these since the software update
  • An excessive quantity of generator slip ring related downtime
  • Radiator clogging
  • Increased Hydraulic Leaks
  • Hydraulic pump Longevity
  • Generator Slipring issues
  • Grid Outage Preparation
  • Hyd. Oil Leaks
  • Overview of 2020 Service Impact
  • Emerging Issues: Service Lift Cage Cracks
  • 2020 Downtime Improvements | Top 3 Downtime Issues
  • Turbine performance upgrades
  • Excessive quantity of generator slip ring related downtime
  • Signal error EMC valve
  • CIM Case for the gearbox Hyd Oil leak tray
  • Turbine stuck at 100kW
  • Generator Bearings
  • Q7 Breaker Faults
  • Composite Coupling Arrangement
  • Harmonics issues
  • Nacelle Vent Fans Failure Follow-up
  • Generator Failures
  • SCADA communication issues
  • Foundation bolts
  • Slipring brushes
  • Mold in Tours
  • De-prioritization of Work
  • VMP Global Software/processor upgrade
  • Contingency for obsolete parts
  • VESTAS Safety Alert: Risk to front bottom part of nacelle cover
  • Nacelle Ventilation Fans
  • Rotating Union Slipring faults
  • Yaw Contactor issues