In-house Concepts in Wind Farm Operations

- Top Directors on how to Manage Profitability, Control and Risks - 12 Nov, Madrid

Please complete the preparations found at the lower end of this page.


The meeting is held from 10 am to 5 pm on the 12th of November. We are gathering the top directors developing in-house concepts for their wind farm operations and how they could better manage profitability, control and risks in collaboration.



In-house concepts include many possibilities, from excluding main components from the LTSA to completely internalising O&M. These concepts allow you to become more profitable and gain better control. Still, they also mean that you need to take on more risk. 

Owners who have this strategy immediately become more alone and have more use for collaboration with other wind asset owners who have the same strategy.

The purpose is to learn from each other and to shape projects for common needs. When we find a common need, O2O WIND will draft a project, including the most appropriate person/consultant to lead it, launch it and follow up on the results.

Doing it in collaboration means that it is cheaper and faster and gives us more leverage.


The third meeting for this group

This is the third meeting in this ongoing initiative. The first was held at Enel's facilities in Rome, and the second at Iberdrola's Innovation Campus in Madrid:

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 14.53.51

At our top director meetings, we solve challenges in two ways: 1) directly at the meeting or 2) in more formalized collaborations developed over time. Within the last category, we have nine ongoing initiatives:

  • Putting the MWs on the table (5 initiatives)
  • KPIs for supervising a wind farm
  • Enabling an exchange of components
  • A portal to match WTG owners and ISPs
  • A wind service portal

You can have a more detailed introduction of these, per the listing from our meeting in Madrid

Each meeting is unique and gives the top directors a new opportunity to present current challenges that could be solved with solid input from their peers directly at the meeting. Your input can also be turned into a collaboration initiative developed among participants over time.

This input is shared in the form at this page's bottom. 


At the Novotel Madrid Campo de las Naciones

The top director meeting will be held directly in connection with the Owners Roundtable. The top director meeting will be on the 12th, and the Owner's Roundtable will be held on the 13-14 of November. At the Owners Roundtable, O2O WIND is gathering its members, and for the Owners Roundtable, we already have confirmed participation from Borusan, EDPR, Enel Green Power, Energia Renewables, Enerjisa Uretim, Engie, Eurus Energy, Iberdrola, Naturgy and RWE. Then it will be more convenient to combine the two. The address is: Campo De Las Naciones, C. de Ámsterdam, N° 3, Barajas, 28042 Madrid, Spain.


Time schedule

 12th of November

  • 10:00 Meeting starts
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 17:00 Meeting ends
  • 20:00 Combined Evening dinner for top directors and pre-event reception pub for Owners Roundtable participants. 




Where: Novotel Madrid Campo de las Naciones
Address: Campo De Las Naciones, C. de Ámsterdam, N° 3, Barajas, 28042 Madrid, Spain
Reservation phone: +34 917 21 18 18
Email: H1636@accor.com
Book online: Please click this link
How to get to the venue: Look for the headline: “Hotel location” at this link.

Fees and expenses
There is no fee for participating. Everyone covers their expenses for transportation, evening dinner and hotel. 


Form 1 - Participants

Please share the participants' contact information and food preferences below. You can submit this form now and form 2, with the challenges later. Members have asked me if they can send a top director assistant. We say no to this. We want to have the decision power present at the meeting. 


Form 2 - Our agenda
Our agenda is the most genuine agenda we could have. Every challenge on the agenda is based on real and current events experienced by an energy company operating wind turbines with the strategy to implement in-house concepts. Furthermore, all the people who have formulated these challenges will be found at our meeting: the top directors themselves. Avoid formulating grand and mighty challenges with the ambition to impress your peers. Maybe you will impress the less experienced people in the room, but you will have less input from the more experienced ones.

This is an invite-only event. We will not include participants through video links. Either you will be around the table at the Engie office or not. It simply creates more valuable discussions.