In-house Concepts in Wind Farm Operations

- Top Directors on how to Manage Profitability, Control and Risks - 6 to 7 of June, Rome

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The meeting is hosted by Enel Green Power at their headquarters in Rome. The meeting is held from Lunch-to-lunch meeting on the 6-7 June. We are gathering the top directors developing in-house concepts for their wind farm operations and how they could better manage profitability, control and risks in collaboration.



In-house concepts include a big range of possibilities from excluding components from the LTSA to completely internalising O&M. In-house concepts give you opportunities to become more profitable and gain better control but it also means that you need to carry more risk. 

Owners who have this strategy immediately become more alone and have more use for collaboration with other wind asset owners having the same strategy.

We launch this as an ongoing initiative to develop these challenges over time. The purpose is to learn from each other and to have a practical approach to shaping projects for common needs. When we find a common need O2O WIND will draft a project, include the most appropriate person/consultant to lead it, launch it and follow up on the results. Doing it in collaboration means that it is cheaper, faster and gives us more leverage.


Meeting facility: Enel's Palace: Villa Lazzaroni

My contact at Enel told me he has managed to book a very cool place for us, internally called the Enel's Palace: Villa Lazzaroni. It's in the Rome city centre and completely hidden by the Tiber river.

Villa Lazzaroni

The address for the Villa Lazzaroni is Viale di Tor di Quinto, 58, 00191 Roma RM, Italy. The meeting starts at 12 pm (CEST) on the 6th of June and ends at noon the next day. For directions, you can also click here.


General time schedule

 6th of June

  • 12:00 Lunch at Enel's facilities Villa Lazzaroni, Viale di Tor di Quinto, 58, 00191 Roma RM, Italy. 
  • 13:00 Meeting starts at Villa Lazzaroni
  • 17:00 Meeting of day one ends
  • 20:30 Evening dinner at QVINTO, Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 10, 00191 Roma RM, Italy

7th of June

  • 09:00 Meeting starts at Enel's facilities Villa Lazzaroni.
  • 12:00 Meeting ends
  • 12:00 Lunch served at Enel's facilities Villa Lazzaroni.
  • 13:00 Our lunch ends


Accommodation - Grand Hotel Fleming

For accommodation, we hold rooms at the Grand Hotel Fleming. Grand Hotel Fleming by OMNIA hotels. The address is: Piazza Monteleone Di Spoleto 20, Tor Di Quinto, 00191 Rome. 

You can now book your hotel room, and when doing so, you should use the special code: INDX15. This code will give you a discount of 15% on the best available rates on their website. Their website is found at this link: Grand Hotel Fleming.


Evening dinner - Qvinto

The evening dinner will be held at QVINTO Roma - Restaurant. Address: Via Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 10, 00191 Roma RM, Italy


Fees and expenses
There is no fee for participating. Everyone covers their own expenses for transportation, evening dinner and hotel. 

Our agenda
Our agenda is the most genuine agenda we could possibly have. Every challenge on the agenda is based on real events experienced by an energy company operating wind turbines with the strategy to implement in-house concepts. Furthermore, all people who have formulated these challenges will be found around the table at our meeting: the top directors themselves. Avoid formulating grand and mighty challenges with the ambition to impress your peers. Maybe you will impress the less experienced people in the room, but you will have less input from the more experienced ones. 



This is an invite-only event. We will not include participants through video links. Either you will be around the table at the Villa Lazzaroni or not. It simply creates more valuable discussions.