Inside the head of the Heads of Operations

- Share experiences and insights with other professionals, also being top responsible for their company's wind farm operations

June 9, 2020. CEST – Stockholm, Hamburg, Madrid 1-2 pm:, AEST – Sydney, Perth – 9-10 pm, BST – London, Dublin: 12-1pm pm, CDT - Houston, Chicago: 6-7 am. GMT-3 - Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro 8-9 am.

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The next steps...
  1. A couple of weeks prior to the event we will contact you as we wish you to share a current challenge of your that you would like us to include in the agenda for this meeting.
  2. A couple of days prior to the meeting you will receive the agenda and the invitation with a link to participate by the computer or the possibility to call in on a local number to join by phone.  
  3. After the event we will produce a survey also based on your challenges so that you can give input on your peer's challenges.
  4. The last step is then to send out the summary and then you can see which input you had from your peers on your challenge and you can see which input was given on your peer's challenges.