Increase awareness about failures on the bigger rotor blades - 28th of June

Time in your timezone found below. Please apply in the form below before the 21st of June

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Owners with large fleets of wind turbines have growing concerns about the bigger blades (+40 m). Severe accidents have already affected owners, many big blades have severe issues with the shear web disbond but the uncertainty is still a huge factor.

Therefore we are organising a meeting for wind asset owners to discuss and increase awareness about failures of bigger blades


Our goal and the logic behind this 

The simple idea with this discussion of sharing on failures on the bigger blades is to make each and one more aware of the failures that are appearing on the bigger rotor blades. With no sharing, a failure must hit your own blades to make you aware. By sharing, it is not necessary that a failure hits your own blade to build your awareness. That will then include big cost savings for the companies.


Format - Roundtable settings with a maximum of 8 wind asset owners

Please note that we have been explicitly told not to bring in any knowledgeable consultant to lead this exercise. This meeting will be completely based on what the wind assets are sharing. The ambition is to keep a limited size of the group to achieve a high commitment and open discussions. Please apply in the form below before the 21st of June


Time in your timezone

28th of June. Duration: 1,5 hour. Starts at: GMT -7: Calgary, Salt Lake City, Mexico City at 7 am; GMT - 6: Chicago, Houston at 8 am; GMT - 5 Toronto, New York, Miami at 9 am; GMT-4 - Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro at 10 am. GMT: London, Dublin, Lisbon at 1 pm; GMT +1: Copenhagen, Hamburg, Madrid at 2 pm; GMT+2 - Istanbul at 4 pm; GMT + 4,5: Mumbai 18:30; GMT +6 Bangkok at 8 pm


Our form to give the meeting a flying start:

Please note that each participant is expected to share a signed version of the non-disclosure agreement found at this link, prior to the meeting. Please print, sign, scan and send it in an email to marten@o2owind.com.