Increase Power Output - 29 March


On the 29th of March, we are presenting 18 case studies on how to increase power output.

Increasing power output is difficult. It depends on your site, turbines, contract etc. It is also very difficult to measure (hence access budgets) and it could also have a very negative impact on lifetime.

Nevertheless - it is the most obvious thing to do for those who have millions invested in wind turbines.

We will not try to tell you how to do this. Although we want to inspire you. Therefore we go all-in and serve you a palette of 18 different case studies, presented by wind asset owners.

Then you can choose what will maybe work for you.


Present a case study from your company

As an Inspiration and to help you to recall any projects you have done within increasing power output, we have created a list of 17 different questions that should hopefully help you to remember a project with a positive outcome that could be of interest for your peers. To access that list - please click here.

Please do not have the ambition that your case study should be very advanced and handle big themes within this topic. It is more likely that there will be valuable content for your peers to implement if you choose a small little improvement that has been implemented. Please also remember that you are given 10 minutes to present your case study. 

Click & Suggest a case study


Date and time - to make it a global event

We are splitting this event into two sessions: 9-11 am & 5-7 pm (CEST) which would allow us to include wind asset owners in Asia & Australia in the first session and wind asset owners in South & North America in the second session.


Exclusive for wind asset owners

Please note that we will only include wind asset owners. All case studies will be presented by wind asset owners and everyone in the audience will be employed by wind asset owners. We are aware that there is a lot of competence on this topic held among consultants, ISPs, OEMs etc but in this case, although we value the openness that is created when only including wind asset owners.

Free of charge for wind asset owners: No travel fees, no event fees and no sales pitches - only among genuine wind asset owner peers!


Register for the event

Please complete the form below. Please note that you will have meeting invites for both sessions and do not have to choose.